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Group Training

Our Group Training Classes aren’t what you would find in a commercial gym! Located on Marsh Barton, our brand-new state-of-the-art facility is designed especially for functional group training and we have the best available equipment on the market for you to become fitter and stronger.

Spin Cycle Studio

Sign up and join one of our unique spin classes using WattBikes, the most advanced indoor spin bike, at one of the best gyms in Exeter.

Recovery Room

FREE Access to the same state-of-the-art recovery system that top athletes use, right here in our Exeter gym. Would you like a free leg recovery massage after every session? #FreshLegsFaster


  • Access to our unique group training classes
  • Access to our spin classes
  • FREE Access to NormaTec Recovery Massage Systems
  • Use of our Exeter Gym facilities at anytime
  • FREE Access to technique workshops
  • 16/21/Students/NHS/Military/Services discounts available
  • No joining fee
  • No contract required

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Personal Training

Push your limits, hit your goals. Have one of our performance coaches sit down with you and design a specific, realistic and progressive training and nutrition programme that runs alongside your busy lifestyle.

And it doesn’t stop there!

TrainFit’s state of the art facility also offers a range of other services. As one of the best gyms in Exeter, we cover all your fitness needs. From football teams to netball, rugby and more, we encourage players to reach new heights when they hire out our facilities. You can also hire one of our expert trainers, who will be happy to take your team through a sport-specific training session.


Our fully-qualified therapists will be able to offer sports rehabilitation and massage for treatment of any injury or injury maintenance work you may need. Whether it be a sporting injury, or simply tight or injured muscles picked up from everyday life.

Injury Rehabilitation

How you recover after an injury is very important. At our state-of-the-art gym in Exeter, our injury rehabilitation programs are designed to allow your body to return to its day to day requirements as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We have experience working with professional athletes to clients that have recently had surgery or are recovering from a sports-specific injury.

Athelete Development

Whether you are a professional athlete, semi-professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you will always have something in your game you need to improve on. Here, we specialise in sports-specific strength and conditioning programs to help you improve your performance before, during and after competition. TrainFit. PlayFit. RecoverFit.

Youth Development

The most important stage in an athlete’s development is during their adolescent years. Our youth development training programs are designed to work alongside their current sporting commitments to help create healthy young adults that are aspiring to become our next sporting superstars.

TrainFit Cafe

There is no point in pushing your body to its limits without consuming the right fuel.

At TrainFit Exeter, our cafe has been designed to allow you to get the right nutrition exactly when you need it, be that before or after your training session, or even if you want to pop in for a barista-style coffee and a healthy lunch during the day.


Performance Coaches

James Sleeman-Keen


“I have spent 12 years in the fitness industry, working with all abilities from elite athletes to recovering stroke patients and I love the challenge that every day brings! A lot of the fitness industry is a lie so when working with people I try to cut the BS and be as honest with people as possible! Whilst my poor sense of humour hopefully makes your sessions a little more bearable!”

Ryan Brett


Bretty is an ex-professional footballer for Plymouth Argyle FC & Salisbury City FC, now playing for Taunton Town FC. He’s been dedicated to fitness from the age of 16, and Bretty’s professional background brings a wealth of experience on how to train, eat & recover. “I’m lucky to be working alongside experienced staff in a great fitness environment. I’m always available for a chat on how to improve every aspect of your training & lifestyle. Come & say hello”

Ryan Brunt


Current professional footballer and Owner of TrainFit, Ryan has a passion for fitness, performance, and recovery. Ryan has, unfortunately, has been battling injury throughout his professional career and has created the brands TrainFit, RecoverFit and CryoFit on the back of his passion and experiences as a professional athlete to allow the general public access to the best training and recovery methods available.

Where are we?

Hennock Trade Park
Hennock Road North
Marsh Barton



“I can honestly say that TrainFit is the best training facility I’ve been to. The guys are genuine, enthusiastic and ready to help you challenge yourself. Training here is fun, hard and no one session is the same! I’ve seen a lot of changes and
improvements in my fitness over the last few months and I can’t wait for the new facility to open, it’s going to be amazing!”


“My husband and I love the group classes at RecoverFit. They are super challenging and allow each individual to go at their own pace. There’s always a friendly atmosphere and great motivation and push from the coaches to ensure you get the best workout.”

Kim & Dean

“So since training at this gym my body weight and body fat has dropped in a huge way! Not a fan of standard cardio but the FIIT classes are next level. And the recovery aspect of the gym are amazing NormaTec have helped in a huge way. This is defo a gym to check out if you want to get the next level out of your training. 100% worth a try”